Acoustic Foam MLV Composite for Pipes / Ducts / Housings


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A Highly Effective, easy-to-install, Acoustic Foam MLV Composite for soundproofing noisy pipes, machinery enclosures, duct work or walls etc. Comprised of Mass Loaded Vinyl, Acoustic Foam and Foil Facing, for increased fire retardant properties. Roll=3 meters * 1350mm = 4.05m2

$ 57.03 p/m2 inc. GST
Actual Area (sq m) 4.05
Total Price $ 230.99


Thermotec NuWrap 5™ insulation is a high performance Acoustic foam and Mass Loaded Vinyl composite designed for soundproofing noisy pipes, machinery housings, duct work, walls and many other industrial applications..

Designed to meet the latest Australian building codes, NuWrap 5™ combines high performance, acoustic, convoluted open cell foam laminated to NuWave 4-Zero acoustic barrier to create a flexible, high performance general purpose acoustic foam solution that is easy to cut and install.

Nuwrap-5 acoustic foam MLV composite has low VOC and EDP-EM19 credentials in that there are zero ozone depleting substances in the materials composition or employed during the manufacturing process,  and is Green Star compliant.

Nuwrap5 Acoustic Foam MLV composite is supplied with 4-Zero foil facing as standard to increase its fire retardant properties.

Nuwrap-5 Pipe Insulation Building Code of Australia (BCA) Compliance:

When used as a pipe lagging solution, Nuwrap 5 Acoustic acoustic foam MLV composite Pipe Insulation complies with BCA requirements.
Recent acoustic testing also confirms that NuWrap 5 continues to be compliant to the BCA requirements for habitable areas. Volume 1, section F5.6, for sole occupancy units, states that the duct or waste pipe must be separated from the rooms of any sole-occupancy unit by construction with an Rw+Ctr (airborne) not less than 40 if the adjacent room is a habitable room.

NuWrap 5 exceeds this requirement with just one wrap around the pipe and a 10mm plasterboard ceiling. No additional fibre batt is required in the ceiling.

Thermotec NuWrap 5 meets the requirements of all States and Territories and provided it is installed to the manufacturers’ recommendations, need no further regulatory body approval or certification.

NuWrap 5 is Australian made and is specified and used both throughout Australia and Internationally.

Nuwrap-5 Pipe Insulation Product Dimensions:

1.35mtr x 3mtr Roll.